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Marine Systems Simulator

The Marine Systems Simulator (MSS) is a Matlab/Simulink library and simulator for marine systems. It includes models for ships, underwater vehicles, and floating structures. The library also contains guidance, navigation, and control (GNC) blocks for real-time simulation.


Basic libraries and system examples for guidance, navigation and control (GNC). The library contains:

  • M-file functions (kinematics and kinetics) and Simulink examples for time-domain GNC applications.
  • M-file library with vessels models, maneuvering trials, and dynamic simulation.
  • User editable m-files for simulation and control of ships, rigs and underwater vehicles.
  • Simulink toolbox for dynamic simulation of marine vessels and control systems. The Simulink library includes vessels models, autopilots, DP control systems, wave filters, guidance systems, actuator models and much more.

Please include the following reference when you use the MSS GNC toolbox:


The toolbox reads output data files generated by hydrodynamic programs and processes the data for use in Matlab/Simulink. MSS Hydro includes several example vessels. In order to build your own model, you need a license for one of the following programs:

  • 2D strip theory programs - ShipX (Veres) by MARINTEK AS
  • 3D potential theory programs - WAMIT by WAMIT Inc.

The processed data can be used in real-time simulation of marine vessels in 6 DOF exposed to 1st- and 2nd-order wave loads (motion and force RAO transfer functions).

Please include the following reference when you use the MSS HYDRO toolbox:

MSS FDI Toolbox

This is a stand-alon toolbox for identification of radiation-force models and fluid memory effects of marine structures (marine craft and wave energy converters)

Please include the following reference when you use the MSS FDI toolbox:

Copyright © 2004-2016 Thor I. Fossen and Tristan Perez -  E-mail: contact@marinecontrol.org     





Development Team:

Prof. Thor I. Fossen

Prof. Tristan Perez


The MSS software has been developed at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) since 1991 as a joint effort between several professors and students.

Matlab Toolboxes:

MSS - Marine Systems Simulator


Matlab Tools:

MSS FDI Toolbox - Identification of Radiation-Force Models and Fluid Memory Effects


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