MSS GNC:   current version 3.3
MSS Hydro: current version 1.1

large product photo MSS GNC
large product photo MSS Hydro

large product photo Guideline for configuration of hydrodynamic SW and description of MSS models

1) Download MSS GNC (Release Notes)

Unzip the toolbox and create the catalog:

Download Contents.m and put the file on the MSS root:

2) Download MSS Hydro (Release Notes).

Unnzip the toolbox and create a catalog


3) Add MSS to your Matlab path

Start Matlab and select: File - Set Path - Add with Subfolders.
Browse for ...\MATLAB\mss  and click OK.
Move to Bottom - Save - Close. Alternatively, you can use the Matlab m-file mss_toolbox.m to add MSS on your Matlab path.

4) You are ready

>>help mss gives you information about the m-files.

*The toolboxes are automatically loaded in the Simulink Library Browser as MSS GNC and MSS Hydro.


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