MSS HYDRO Release Notes



The toolbox is intended for student projetcs and teaching, and not commerically products since there may be many programming errors. The authors make no warranty of any kind, expresses or implied, with regards to this software and its associated documentation. The software is published under the GNU General Public License.

Version 1.1

  • New Simulink templates for equations of motion (zero speed and forward speed). The Simulink templates for time-domain simulation are updated to use new fluid memory
    blocks based on frequency-domain identification.
  • The vessel data files *.mat are regenerated to comply with the new Simulink blocks.
  • Bug fix for velocity input to fluid memory block for the maneuvering model (U>0).
  • vessel2ss.m - New representation of fluid memory effects using the Matlab FDI tools
    which are integrated as a part of MSS Hydro. The FDI tools are included in MSS Hydro but they can also be used alone in other applications, see download page for FDI tools. The fluid memory effects are approximated as transfer functions using frequency-domain SI. The order of the transfer functions are automatically determined (range 1-20). The new model representation is state-space model (A,B,C,D) where D=0. The requirement D=0 is not satsified in previous versions of MSS Hydro where time-domain identification is used, see documentation pages for more information.
  • veres2vessel.m and wamit2vessel.m are updated to comply with Version 1.1.
  • viscous.m is used to specify linear viscous damping in the time-domain for surge, sway, roll and yaw.
  • Nonlinear cross-flow drag and quadratic surge resistance are included as a Simulink block.
  • Support for SeaWay is removed since SeaWay has been replaced by Octopus SeaWay which is a new program from Amarcon. MSS Hydro Version 1.1 only supports data generated by ShipX (Veres) and WAMIT.
  • Minor bug fixes in m-files

Version 1.0

  • The first version of the toolbox is a collection of Matlab files that have been developed by researchers and students at NTNU in the period 2000-2008.



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