Tutorial 1: Modelling and Simulation of Marine System Dynamics


Here you will find the presentations of a one-day tutorial presented by T. Perez and T.I. Fossen at the IFAC CAMS conference in 2007.   If you need to make reference to the material, please use the following cite:
  •  Perez, T. and T.I. Fossen (2007). Tutorial on Modelling and Simulation of Marine System Dynamics. IFAC Conference on Control Applications in Marine Systems (CAMS). Bol, Croatia.
  • Module 1:    Introduction [pdf]
  • Module 2:    Hydrodynamics for control engineers [pdf]
  • Module 3:    Rigid body dynamics [pdf]
  • Module 4:    Manoeuvring models [pdf]
  • Module 5:    Environmental disturbances [pdf]
  • Module 6:    Frequency-domain seakeeping models [pdf]
  • Module 7:    Time-domain seakeeping models [pdf]
  • Module 8:    Manoeuvering in a seaway [pdf]
  • Module 9:    Models in ship motion control problems [pdf]
  • Module 10:  Software and rapid model prototyping [pdf]

Tutorial 2: Identification of Seakeeping Models from Frequency Response Data

This presentation summarizes the discussions in (download)

  • Perez, T. and T.I. Fossen (2008). Time- vs Frequency-Domain
    Identification of Parametric Radiation Force Models for Marine
    Structures at Zero Speed. Modeling, Identification and Control. MIC-29(1):1-19. doi:10.4173/mic.2008.1.1
  • Perez and Fossen (2008). Joint Identification of Infinite-Frequency
    Added Mass and Fluid-Memory Models of Marine Structures.
    Modeling, Identification and Control. MIC-29(3):93-102. doi:10.4173/mic.2008.3.2


Tutorial 3: Ship Roll Motion Control

Here you will find the presentations of the plenary talk by T. Perez and M. Blanke at the IFAC CAMS conference in 2010 [pdf]





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