MSS GNC Release Notes



The toolbox is intended for student projetcs and teaching, and not commerically products since there may be many programming errors. The authors make no warranty of any kind, expresses or implied, with regards to this software and its associated documentation. The software is published under the GNU General Public License.


Changes in Version 3.3

  • Compatible with Matlab R2009b and the MSS HYDRO toolbox version 1.1
  • Bugfix for the JONSWAP spectrum. The PSD is now scaled properly for gamma values different than 3.3.
  • Minor bug fixes and updates of m-files

Changes in Version 3.2

  • Minor bug fixes.

Changes in Version 3.1.3

  • The contents file at the root lists m-file functions in the GNC and HYDRO toolboxes.
  • This version has been tested in Matlab 2007 and Matlab 2006.

Changes in Version 3.1.2

  • A new block that computes the wave elevation at the location (x,y) and the wave particle velocities at (x,y,z) has been added. This block takes input about the sea state from the block Waves. There is a demo that shows the use of this block. This can be called from the module Examples in the Marine GNC Toolbox of the Simulink browser.
  • This version has been saved using Matlab 2006b.

Changes in Version 3.1.1

  • The library has been interfaced and tested against the latest version of the Marine Hydro Add-In.

Changes in Version 3.1.0

  • The library structure has been changed.
  • The help of some blocks has been revised
  • Open-water characteristic of propellers has been added
  • A nonlinear manouvering model of a naval vessel  (360tons) has been added to vessel models, and also a demo using this model in a Zig-Zag Test.
  • The model of  the tanker (tanker.m)  in vessel models  has been corrected; now is less sensitive to the  rudder motion.

Changes in Version 3.0.1

  • Updated small error in the Contents.m file in the gnc_files directory;
  • Deleted extra sblocks.m;
  • Move sblocks.m file to the simulink directory.

Changes in Version 3.0

Changes in Version 2.3.2

  • Fixed bug in the DP-controller block in Simulink such that rad2pipi only is applied to psi and not all elements in eta.
  • Added option for plotting spectrum in mpierson.m, jonswap.m, and torset.m.
  • Removed output Tz from mpierson.m and jonswap.m. Added consistency check in torset.m.
  • Added handling of Hs = 0 in Wave_init.m to avoid division by zero, changed function calls to mpierson.m, jonswap.m, and torset.m.

Changes in Version 2.3.1

  • The wave generator block in Simulink has been extended to include frequency of encounter computations. The m-files Wave_init.m and Wave_callback.m have been updated accordingly to comply with the maneuvering block in the Marine Hydro Add-In.
  • Fixed a bug in rad2pipi.m

Changes in Version 2.3

  • The wave generator block has been updated to be fully compatible with the Marine Hydro Add-In
  • Fixed a bug in the Simulink block: linear 2nd-order wave spectrum. The block did not update the parameters specified in the the mask.

Changes in Version 2.2

  • A new block for wave generation has been inlcuded.
  • Fixed a bug in rad2pipi.m
  • The first Add-In, Marine Hydro, for computation of real-time hydrodynamic potential data has been released an integrated in the toolbox.

Changes inVersion 2.0 and 2.1

  • The toolbox was made compatible with Matlab 7.0. The Simlink blocks cannot be used in older Matlab versions.

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